NuroKor Solves 3 Big Problems with Today’s Electrotherapy Devices.

In recent years, electrotherapy devices have gained popularity as a non-drug pain management option and as a sports performance tool. But have you ever tried other electrical stimulators and haven't found the relief, injury recovery, or athletic performance you were hoping for?

Generic devices aren’t effective in treating the underlying cause of your pain and muscle symptoms.

Different types of pain may require different approaches for effective management, so why do device manufacturers continue use the same pre-set program or frequency for every type of pain?

Generic devices are unable to account for your unique differences.

What works for one individual may not necessarily work for another due to differences in genetics, physiology, and personal experiences. So, again, why do device manufacturers limit personalization capabilities?

The set-up for generic devices is often too complicated and time-consuming for daily treatment.

You may have felt overwhelmed that the treatment was complex, required lengthy setup procedures, or long treatments. These factors make it hard to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Lifetech Devices Tailored to YOU.

Our Lifetech devices are meticulously designed and engineered with you in mind.

3 clinically proven bioelectric therapies to directly treat all of your symptoms

Various injuries, conditions, and patient needs can differ greatly and often require different types of electrical stimulation. Using the appropriate electrical stimulation to address the underlying cause can lead to the best possible results, even in complex cases.

Dualwave Technology for more effective and time efficient treatments

Certain conditions can greatly benefit from a combination of different types of stimulation. Our unique Dualwave Technology merges pain and muscle stimulation into one treatment program, offering enhanced pain relief and reducing total treatment time.

Personalization that’s Easy-to-Use

Applicators designed for specific body parts are often more user-friendly and easier to position accurately, especially for individuals with limited mobility who want to administer their own treatment at home.

3 Bioelectric Therapies

Different injuries, conditions and patient requirements can vary greatly and often benefit from different types of electrical stimulation. For example, an individual recovering from a surgery may need neuromuscular stimulation (NMS) to improve muscle function and prevent muscle atrophy, while another individual struggling with joint arthritis could benefit from microcurrent (MCS) and peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) to manage pain and inflammation.

The NuroKor MiTouch provides 3 stimulation types in 1 device- neuromuscular stimulation (NMS), peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS), and microcurrent (MCS) to ensure that the right type of electrical stimulation is applied to treat the underlying cause and achieve the best possible outcome even in the most challenging cases.

KorOS Dualwave Technology

NuroKor’s unique KorOS Dual Wave Technology combines the unique strengths of both PNS and NMS stimulations into a single treatment program. Individuals struggling with painful muscle or joint conditions (low back spasms, shoulder pain, etc) achieve better, longer lasting pain relief and improved muscle function in as little as a 20-30 minute treatment.

Superior Pain Relief

Our devices are designed to adapt to your unique needs, delivering targeted pain relief.

Reduces Treatment Time

Most other devices continue to provide only one type of stimulation at a time, often requiring an hour or more to achieve relief.

Personalization that’s actually easy-to-use

NuroKor technology ensures that you have the flexibility to choose the right stimulation type, or combination of stimulation types, to target your specific needs, with an easy to use 5-App menu. This intuitive interface doesn't require extensive knowledge or training, just select an App Icon based on your symptoms and select a treatment mode that is most comfortable to you. You can further steamline treatment by using the Lifetech devices with the Kor Accessories.

5-Treament App Menu

Each app has four treatment modes numbered 1-4 (excluding MC2). Each mode varies slightly in beat pattern or stimulation frequency. Trying all four modes will help you find the most comfortable option for you.

Kor Accessories

Body part-specific applicators can ease set-up and treatment, particularly benefiting individuals with reduced mobility. They can also offer several therapeutic advantages compared to electrodes.


Applying adhesive electrodes to your back can be challenging. The KorBand provides a solution with its dual conductive pad. It can be placed anywhere on the back or abdomen, wrapping around the waist. No adhesive electrodes needed—simply moisten the pad for skin conductivity.


KorShoes are slip-on sandals designed with six metal conducting sites on the sole, to ensure a thorough and targeted stimulation of nerves and muscles in the feet. To extend the stimulation to the lower leg, you can also use an adhesive electrode on the calf.


Placing electrodes on the hand can be challenging, and they frequently lose their grip, resulting in inconsistent or ineffective stimulation. The KorGlov is specifically crafted with a silver thread integrated into the glove to ensure comprehensive stimulation for the hand and wrist.

Lifetech Devices

NuroKor Lifetech empowers you to customize your electrical stimulation experience, ensuring that the right therapy is applied to treat the root cause of your condition, ultimately leading to the best possible outcome, even in the most challenging cases.