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Win back the quality of your life by supporting your body’s healing and recovery processes. With NuroKor MiTouch, you can now activate and assist your body’s own bioelectrical systems to treat pain, improve circulation and speed up the healing process. Get back to your peak quicker and stay there longer with NuroKor MiTouch!

Accelerate Your Body's Power of Self Treatment
Eliminate Pain And Speed Up Your Rehabilitation

Shorten your rehabilitation time and speed up treatment process! By combining the latest advancements in physical therapy and bioelectrical medicine treatments, MiTouch can help you and your family treat pain at the same time as helping the body recover from aches, muscular injury or muscle soreness

Recover Sooner

  • Have you just suffered an injury, undergone surgery or are you recovering from a long-term physical trauma?
  • Are you an athlete, a fitness professional or a fitness enthusiast?
  • Do you travel or drive long distances, or do taxing physical activities in your work or everyday life?
  • Do you spend hours at a computer, suffer with musculoskeletal disorders or have poor posture?


Then you’ll want to know the fastest way to ease aches and pains for complete recovery. Whether it’s in life or in sport, we know how frustrating it is to be out of the game. That's why we came up with the solution!

NuroKor Body Systems


KorOS technology in the NuroKor is scientifically designed to combine the best available medical research with the latest understandings in bioelectrical technology,

NuroKor is designed to help people of all ages recover from life’s knocks and hurts, along with many of life’s bigger physical challenges - whether that’s surgery, musculoskeletal disorders or pregnancy.  

Athletes can use the same body system treatments to recover fast from training, competition and physical exertion

How does NuroKor Help Get Your Recovery Up To Speed?

Successive research studies show the body’s incredible ability to self-treat. NuroKor harnesses the power of two clinically proven technologies to help you recover and rehabilitate from injuries or illness.

NuroKor® PNS.


Stimulating the muscles with specific bioelectrical pulse can modify or change muscle function, increase strength and endurance.

Using NMS treatment protocols can significantly improve circulation and stimulate the production of the peptides and proteins essential to maintaining our healthy body system. NMS can also help improve musculoskeletal disorders, arrest muscle decline with aging and improve a wide range of health-related outcomes.

Studies also show potential positive effects on pain, reducing fat and increasing muscle mass. This, in turn, may be beneficial to Metabolic disorders including, but not limited to, Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

NuroKor® MCS.


Every tissue type in the body has its own bio-electrical current which can be disrupted by injury. The Microcurrent therapy engineered into the MiTouch mimics the human body’s naturally occurring Microcurrent to help the body recover.

One way it does this is by Increasing production of the high-energy molecule that stores the energy we need to do just about everything we do - Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). It also stimulates the cellular signals between cells involved in Protein Synthesis which helps muscles to repair Shown to significantly reduce pain severity in over 90% of users, it can reduce inflammation and improve loss of function resulting from muscle damage.

Enjoy every moment Without pain

Speed Up Recovery and Get Back In The Game Quicker

NuroKor Body Systems helps you warm up and speed recovery. In competition, training, workouts or other physical activity

Use NuroKor to warm up muscle groups before effort to help reduce likelihood of injuries

Use between sessions or after exertions to Improve circulation, reduce delayed onset muscle soreness and improve muscle function.

Less Pain & More Gain Using NuroKor KorOS technology

We see the time is fast approaching when our first wellness choice will be to reach for the device not the pills.

Emerging medical evidence and a growing understanding of the incredible power of our own bioelectrical systems means you have that choice, right now.


Your pain can be controlled by tapping into your nervous system.


Your body has seamless and ever-present natural painkillers that can be mobilised without side effects


Your muscles can be stimulated to produce peptides and proteins that are essential for a healthy body


Your body produces natural microcurrent as part of it’s healing process

From this knowledge base we’ve combined ‘clinic only’ technologies into wearables that are simple to use and that fit simply into your life.

Palm-sized devices that can block pain, speed your body recovery, enhance your performance and improve your coordination — not just in sport, but in every physical endeavour.

Help Your Body To Recover Faster!

Our mission is to help change millions of lives by putting the knowledge and power of these advanced Biotechnologies firmly in everyone’s hands It might take a while more to reach millions, but you can can start right now.

Let us help you in reaching new heights in your fitness lifestyle!

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