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  1. Snap lead wire endings to metal snaps on electrode pads. Plug other end of lead wires into top of device.
  2. Channel A pads should be (1) placed on posterior deltoid directly behind the shoulder joint; and (2) just above where the tricep and posterior shoulder meet.
  3. Channel B pads should be placed (1) directly on the front of the shoulder joint; and (2) just above where the bicep and anterior shoulder meet.

Frequently Recommended Treatment Modes

Mode 1, 4 (Combo Pain + Muscle), Mode 3 (Recovery)

There are 6 treatment modes in the mibody. To change modes, press and hold the (+) button, then release after the device beeps (the number of beeps correspond to the mode number).

Each mode has differences in beat pattern or frequency of stimulation. These options enables you to find the most comfortable mode for you, so try each of the recommended mode and see what works best for you!

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