For Veterans

We are dedicated to helping veterans live a better quality of life with less pain.

For Veterans

How to get a NuroKor Lifetech device through your local VAMC

If you are a veteran and are currently receiving health care through the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), you can ask about the NuroKor Lifetech line of products.

Visit your VA primary care or specialty care provider

Your VA primary care or specialty care provider will evaluate your medical condition and determine whether a NuroKor device is right for you.

Bring a brochure with you

Not every VA provider or even ever VA healthcare system knows that these NuroKor products are available for veterans. A brochure will help you show the applications and benefits of this technology.

VA NuroKor Lifetech Brochure
Getting a Device

If the VA orders you a device, our exclusive VA partner Sandlot Medical, will be notified by the your local VAMC.

Contact Sandlot Medical
Device Training and Support

Sandlot Medical will work directly with you and VAMC, to deliver the ordered NuroKor devices and accessories, provide instruction on proper usage, and share personalized treatment recommendations.

Our VA Healthcare Partner

Exclusive VA Healthcare Partner: Sandlot Medical

At NuroKor, we proudly offer specialized prescription devices and accessories specifically to meet the unique needs of veterans. We chose to create an exclusive partnership with Sandlot Medical, a trusted VA healthcare expert since 2014, and with their help we can provide effective relief and support for VAMCs and the veterans they serve.

25+ Years of Experience with Electrical Stimulation

Sandlot Medical's vast experience has given them a profound understanding of electrical stimulation and electrotherapy devices. With this knowledge, they personalize the Lifetech products to meet the specific needs of each veteran.

1000+ Veterans Served with 1-on-1 education

The Sandlot Medical team aligns with us regarding patient education. Sandlot Medical has provided and continues to provide every veteran with an individual instruction session to help ensure they get the maximum benefits from their device.

A Commitment To Veterans Beyond Medical

Sandlot medical works hard to be a part of the larger veteran community. They work with veteran organizations and veteran advocacy groups to help enrich the lives of individuals who have served in the military.

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Have any questions or need assistance regarding veterans or VA Healthcare System? Contact Sandlot Medical today!