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Using MCS

The Miracle of Microcurrent:

Every tissue type in the body has its own bioelectrical current which can be disrupted by injury or disease (COI, or Current Of Injury). The Microcurrent wave forms engineered into the MiTouch have been targeted to best mimic the human body’s naturally occurring microcurrent.

At one-millionth of an ampere microcurrent assists in normalizing current and frequencies at the optimal cellular ranges, which has been shown to drive improvements in pain management and inflammation reduction.

By stimulating ATP production Microcurrent create creating more molecular units of "currency” to fuel biochemical functions! Think of it like this; ATP molecules are like lithium-ion batteries for cells.

In addition to the reduction of pain and inflammation, studies have shown that using ultra-low power wave forms to affect change at the cellular level have positive impacts on:

    • Bone Growth
    • Wound Healing
    • Healing Cascade Cycle Times
    • Ligament and Tendon Repairs

How to use the Microcurrent Mode

  1. Microcurrent intensity levels and wave form patterns are pre-set.
  2. When treating a pain or injury site, move the pads around from session to session "triangulating" the injury area or pain point. See the examples below for a typical back and knee microcurrent session. Bottom line: Surround the area!
  3. Envision the Microcurrent wave forms moving through tissues like a glass of wine being spilled onto a pillow. The waves in effect "leach" down and out from the pads (the pads being the "center of the spill").

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Pad Placement Best Practices

MicroCurrent Stimulation Increases production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the high-energy molecule that acts like a lithium ion battery for your cells. We need ATP to do about everything we do. It also stimulates intracellular signals involved in Protein Synthesis, helps with pain management, and has been shown to reduce inflammation helping the bodies wound and injury repair processes.

Here are a few key differences to be aware of with MCS vs. Peripheral Nerve or Neuromuscular stimulation.

  1. Remember, MCS is imperceptible to most people - the wave indicator symbols will radiate out from the MCS icon in the center of your display screen to indicate that you are in MCS mode and that it is working.
  2. Intensity is pre-set.
  3. Use only 2 (two) pads (unless treating more than one injury or pain site). 
  4. Start with 20-30 minute sessions two (2) or three (3) times per day (or as recommended by your healthcare professional).
  5. If pain is completely gone or improvement has flattened after
    several sessions: STOP. Continuing treatment in the same area may cause the pain to return!


IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, or if you have If you have ANY other implanted e-stim device,
(Ex. pacemaker, cochlear implant, spinal simulator)

Using NuroKor MiTouch & MiBody. Pad Placement - Microcurrent

EXAMPLES OF Common electrode pad placements for microcurrent.