Lubahn LP

Andrew Lubahn

Pro soccer Player.
Bioelectronics Fan.
NuroKor Brand Ambassador.

"As a professional athlete I’m always looking for ways to push my body further, and train harder and faster. NuroKor allows me to recover more quickly, push my limits and always continue to grow.

Plus, it’s wearable so I can use it at home, take it on the road, or even drop it in my pocket while warming up. NuroKor helps me consistently perform at the highest level."


MiBody is the easiest ultrawearables to use. Featuring KorOS2 Dualwave Technology. Combining the latest advances in Peripheral Nerve (PNS) and Neuromuscular stimulation (NMS), Bio is an effective pain relief and anti-inflammation treatment for joints, sprains, strains and bruises as well as minor sports injuries.

MiTouch is a simple to use, breakthrough wearable device that combines three clinically proven bioelectrical technologies for effective, natural, drug-free relief of most all types of pain, at the same time helping your body’s own recovery processes at the source of injury or overuse with a microcurrent mode.

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Manage Injury.

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Stay In The Game

"You can't continue to improve if you can't continue to practice. It's simple: NuroKor helps me spend less time with rehab and recovery."

It only took us 124 years ...

Rockstar Bioelectronics


"I am convinced that the therapy of the future will employ heat, light, electricity and agents yet unknown.

Toxic drugs shall cede their place to physical agents, the employment of which, at least, has the advantage of not introducing any foreign body into the organism"

Arsene D'Arsonval, 1896


More Customer Testimonials

"Usually there's a point where my knees begin to feel those sharp pains [doing back squats], and there was no pain. Well, pain in the right spots, not in the wrong spots. I actually challenged myself further."

Federal Law Enforcement Agent

Marine, MARSOC Operator, 5 Deployments, Sore Knees


"I’ve been doing this thing so many years. I’ve been in plenty of training rooms, plenty of therapies, e-stim, and ice, ultrasound, and all that. None of that did what this did, that quickly."

Matt Estridge
Managing Director, Fit Diesel

Athletic and Counter-Terrorism Training
Trained 2018 PNBA Mr. Olympia

"I’ve had zero pain in my right leg all day. Not just my ankle but my feet, ankles, knees, and shins. It's probably been ten years since my right leg felt this good."

Mike Carnell
President CS International, Consultant,
Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Former Marine. Retired Bull Rider.