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Using NMS for Training

Using NuroKor MiTouch & MiBody.

Pad Placement - NMS for Training & Recovery


NMS & Muscle Training:
Pad Placement Best Practices

Here are some electrode pad configurations focused on neuromuscular stimulation and muscle conditioning and training.

  1. These are guidelines. Experiment. Remember, you can tap the On/Off button to pause your device and move adjust you pads easily.
  2. With PNS & NMS, keep pads at least 25 mm apart. More distance between the pads will tend to make the waves move deeper into the tissue.
  3. After you have mode and intensity set, tap Screen Lock at bottom before you slip the device in your pocket.




Neuromuscular Stimulation

Common electrode placements for using NMS (Neuromuscular Stimulation) as used by elite athletes and their trainers. Designed for training muscles by group.