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NuroKor mitouch: Portable Pain and Muscle Stimulator
NuroKor mitouch: Portable Pain and Muscle Stimulator
NuroKor mitouch: Portable Pain and Muscle Stimulator
NuroKor mitouch: Portable Pain and Muscle Stimulator
NuroKor mitouch: Portable Pain and Muscle Stimulator

NuroKor mitouch: Portable Pain and Muscle Stimulator

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The mitouch is the most advanced hand-held stimulator designed to improve muscle function, improve circulation, and relieve pain. It’s 3 clinically proven technologies, peripheral nerve stimulation, neuromuscular stimulation, and microcurrent stimulation, serve as the ultimate tool to optimize your performance and recovery.

Ref. Number: NKMTKOS5

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Easy-to-Use touchscreen

KorOS Dualwave Technology: Relieve pain and rehabilitate muscle simultaneously

2 Channel Device: For treatment of larger or multiple areas at once


What does a treatment feel like?

-When using treatment mode that has PNS in them you will feel a slight tingling type feeling. When using a treatment modes that have muscle stimulation, the device will produce a variety of strong muscle contractions. If used correctly, these sensations should be strong but comfortable (no feeling of pain). The Microcurrent treatment (MC2) is sub sensory, meaning you will not feel any sensations during treatment.

How many times per day can I use my MiTouch ? And minutes per treatment?

-The number of times per day and maximum treatment time will vary depending on the treatment mode you use:

Pain and MC2 modes can be used multiple times per day and treatment time can be adjusted to the severity/intensity of pain and muscle symptoms, recommended 30-60mins per treatment.

Modes with muscle stimulation should be used for treatment times of 20-30 mins since the device produces strong muscle contractions. Overuse of the muscle stimulation can cause muscle soreness.

TIP: Use the microcurrent following a muscle therapy treatment to provide additional relief without further fatiguing the muscle

Pad Placement: where do I place my pads for treatment?

- When looking to treat pain and muscle symptoms, pads should be placed in line with the muscle or muscle groups (please reference pad placement guide for illustration). When treating joints, pads should encompass the whole area of pain, specifically above and below the site of pain or on each side of the area of pain (please reference pad placement guide for illustration).

Why do I feel it more on one side than the other?

- Positioning of the pads.
- Muscle fatigue
- Some people have differences in sensation and muscle recruitment between the left and right sides of the body.

How do I choose a program?

Within 4 of the 5 treatment Modes there are 1- 4 treatment programs. All of the programs pre-modulate and will feel different. Select a treatment option that is most comfortable for you.

Are the electrode pads reusable? How long do the electrode pads last?

- 3-4 weeks, but actual life span may vary. Apply the pads on clean, dry skin, being sure to wipe off any lotions prior to use. After treatment, pull pads off the skin using the tab on the electrode. To extend the life of  the pads, add a few drops of water on the adhesive side before sticking back on the plastic sheet. Always store in a cool place.

How many treatments can I get out of a single battery life charge?

An average user can expect to charge the MiTouch once a week or every 10 days.

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Jonathan W.
Pakistan Pakistan
I recommend this product

superb, straight out of the box it has helped my back.

superb, straight out of the box it has helped my back. two small kids who seem to want carrying across beaches, mountains, Sainsbury's have created things that needed fixing! really amazing kit.

Will K.
Pakistan Pakistan
I recommend this product


Super simple to use and felt the benefit straight away. I've spent my life collecting injuries, and logged up more than my fair share of hours on the physio's bench: lower back, knee, rotator cuff, insteps, hamstring, ankles... Some sporty, some just dumb luck, and a little bit of hyper mobility to blame! So while being in pain has become my normal over the last 15-20 years, the fact that I can't ever be consistently active (without some old injury flaring up and crippling me) still gets me down. Got one of these for Christmas and for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm taking back control of the physical me. It both helps take away the pain when I need it to and better yet has given me the confidence to get training again to properly fix the bits of me that need fixing! I really highly recommend!! Thank you Nurokor!

Kursty G.
Pakistan Pakistan
I recommend this product

I bought this for my husband for Xmas

I bought this for my husband for Xmas, as he's been suffering with long-term injuries from lots of sport and athletics when younger. To be honest, I just wanted to see if it would take his mind off things. It quickly became his best present, and he literally spent the next week healing himself! He has a spring back in his step - and I've not heard a pain complain in ages!

Rich C.
Pakistan Pakistan
I recommend this product

Amazing device -

Amazing device - it's made such a difference to me. I've currently got a knee injury that makes walking very painful, yet by using the NuroKor MiTouch I can almost walk normally and maintain an active lifestyle while accelerating recovery. It's so portable and discreet that I can wear it at work and treat myself whenever I need - so much more effective than taking painkillers. The past few months would have been a nightmare for me without it - and my recent 48 hour sight-seeing trip to Paris would have been a write-off. I can't wait to apply it to my fitness routines when fully recovered.

Madeleine B.
Pakistan Pakistan
I recommend this product


I found it very straight forward to simple to use. Moreover, as a professional ballet dancer, I really appreciated the different settings for pain, pain +, recovery, microcurrents, and performance. Definitely a product I will continue to use regularly. Thankyou!